Comments please!

Too much of a repetition is the making of a cliché. My friend Steven shared with me when he read about my blog. it’s repeating the same theme several times, rendering the blog un-commentable. He wanted to comment, but the argument is too ‘well covered’ for anything to be commented upon.

And also what I’ve written is common theme, nothing new. the element of ‘surprise me!’ is lacking. certain a times, the writing is not clear or succinct in thought. not only that it is too long and wordy, and the subject matter is too esoteric.

Guilty as charged.

Any comment especially from Steven is well worth its weight in gold, or more. When i started this blog, I had a writing titled ‘ Intellectual Vomit’ well it is that, a ‘vomit’. clearance of thought, and sometimes it may not be fair to the readers to read my ‘vomit’. that is the other point. My readers do not have to read my vomit. Then, why? Randy? Start a blog? if you do not want your reader to read it?

The blog ‘s existence is to its master, me. I read my own blog for my own records and reflections of my own feelings. of course in publishing the blog, i have to make it readable to my readers. which is where comments and feedback helps, because I can then improve my writing style and makes it more readable to my readers. Of course I don;t have to publish my blogs, which leads to the cessation of this blog.

I have to make a dialogue, between me and my readers, that ensures that I remain relevant, and grounded. Admittedly we are all social beings, and this is one avenue where I can practice being a responsible, social creature. and at the same time hopefully contribute something useful to my fellow social creatures.

Improvements to be made to this blog.

300 words: I used t have an old blog where i self limit to 300 word. perhaps it is a good idea to do that again. So there will be another section titled 300 words, where I will try to condense the subject matter to that word limit.

New section: There will be another section for longer deeper subjects, For these longer and deeper subjects, I’ll have a summarised version in 300 words as well.

Broken in parts:  if the subject gets too wordy, and long, I’ll break it into parts. and makes it easier for intellectual digestion.

so what next? stay tuned…



About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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One Response to Comments please!

  1. gaynor says:

    you know you might probably be right…

    there are many paths that lead to the same summit..

    how many of us recognise that in each of us?

    currently right now in your blog, what you are expressing is your path.

    others may read but luckily no one disagreed. i guess luck is in the fact that they understand its a personal growth area where we do not come in unless we are teacher standard… keke

    likewise, i came i saw and i’ve read. seriously, its really about ur journey and path, something worth respecting… something pretty hardto give two cents worth when its esoteric =) our own paths neh?


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