Because we can!

We are doomed for oblivion, that is the bottom line.

I had my usual coffee with Steven and this is the conclusion after a good intellectual discussion. No, both of us are not genius, just average Joes, with our observations of the events happening. There is nothing clever or ground breaking about that statement. its more like ‘duh!’, what’s new?

It’s all about the ego, and evolution. there is going to be a titanic clash somewhere up ahead in the chronological sequence. and as always, evolution will win. it has won the dinosaurs, it has won the dodo, from the looks of it, it will win the panda, amongst other beings, even the mighty tiger will soon be extinct.

The human race has no equal, well, at least on this planet. every other being on Earth has a check and balance, except the humans. I don’t mean other humans as a form of check and balance, rather a natural system in place to upkeep the equilibrium. for us there is none. For every system that came along, we destroy it, or build our own into it and totally f**k it up. why? As Steven euphemistically puts it, ‘because we can.’

‘because we can’ put a man on the moon, doesn’t mean we own the moon, we can harness atomic energy doesn’t mean we can nuke others, but we do it because ‘we can’. it’s the ego that drive this ‘we can’. its nothing wrong with that, but if there is no check and balance, it will overdrive and result in a gradually exponential shift upsetting the balance. and when that happens, evolution will intervene with a big bad sledgehammer, and wipe everything clean to start again. ‘Balance’ is the brand that evolution sells everywhere. Balance can be brutal, cruel and deadly. upset that balance and the effect is multiplied faster than you can say ‘Oops!’ We as the prime species of this planet will find out soon, perhaps not in my generation, not in my son’s generation, but soon enough it will come.

Million of years ago, it came to collect the dinosaurs, the physical giants. Soon evolution will come knocking on the doors of the human race, with egos as big as the dinosaurs. when that day come, perhaps, million of years from now, the ruling species of this planet will dig up our fossils and make a documentary out of it. wouldn’t it be fun?

Ego versus Evolution? Evolution always wins, hands down.


About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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