Long Tail of Cause and Effect

This has been in the back of my head, swirling for the longest time. It will be a long post, so be forewarned.

I shall not use the word ‘Karma in this sense, as it suggests a religious-ness to Cause and Effect (C&E). I posted some time back in ‘Scary Fella’ that C&E exists in a flux. that was written spontaneously, without justifications. Here it is.

It is so empirically spoken, ‘reap what you sow.’ What happens to those seeds which we’ve scattered and long forgotten? The sequence of events is never always so linear. We might reap what was others sowed, for us or not. If you believe in rebirth, we might reap what we sowed in our previous life. Whatever it is, we can always shout out, ‘Its not fair!’

What is? Harry sensei had a talk with me when we were loosely discussing life, and his penchant for smoking. His way of explaining it was ‘karma’. A perfectly healthy lady he knew of got lung cancer, despite of being a non smoker. He attributed it to a certain misdeeds in the lady’s past life that has surfaced as a form of cancer. So he doesn’t really gets too worked up about his nicotine pastime. From that conversation, I understood a little better the whys and the hows of life.

There is always a reason for our suffering, even though we may not understand it. Let’s not get so esoteric to talk about ‘past lives’ as some folks might think it is rubbish. Lets just say for example the reason for my poverty might be blamed on my dad was not prudent with his money and hence didn’t impart me with financial wisdom. fair example?  Extrapolate that a couple of generations back, and go figure it out if your current predicament is fair or not.

Genetically, we might inherit some really shitty stuff from our ancestors, and who knows where my ‘stupidity genes’ comes from? It could have been a great, great, great, great uncle of mine, who was incestuous in his time, which resulted in a macabre twist in the genetic evolution.  Or it could be that 40 generations ago, some ancestor of mine was dumb enough to catch some rare infection no one has ever heard of, and thus endowed a certain gift, or impairment that decided to surface in my generation.

Sure, i’m getting hypothetical here, and I am no scientist. This is thin ice i’m threading. a really really knowledgeable scientist might read my blog and says ‘Rubbish!’ But really? Really really?

Whatever it is, it helps me deal with suffering with a little more equanimity. If I really have to pay for my ‘sins’ through my suffering, so be it. If i have to suffer the ravages of some disease because I was a rapist in my past life, so be it. The crux of the matter here is not the past. the crux of the matter here is the present. We cannot undo the misdeed, once it has been scanned at the check out counter, there is no refund. No ‘7 days no questions asked return policy’. Life is not so customer friendly. What we do, cannot be undone. so be careful with what we do and be conscious that when we do wrong, we will have to pay, sometimes people we loved have to pay for us.

Our past always catchs up on us, like it or not. Our deeds and misdeeds will have a bearings on us now, and in the future. The important thing is to face judgment squarely, not shifting the blame, nethier to dwell on it. accept it as it is and the suffering will not stay a moment longer than necessary. Dwelling on it makes the suffering twice as bad.

Because C&E exists in a flux and is never always linear, it will always catches us by surprise. We can never be fully prepared to face the consequences. some of these consequences might be so daunting that we have no courage and resources to face them. Also bear in mind that C&E is just that ‘Cause and Effect’. It doesn’t necessarily means ‘Bad’, sometimes, some good things we did in our past, might take time to blossom and we are left to wonder why we have such ‘good luck’ sometimes. Its not good luck per se, just paying dividends for some merits of our past actions.

When we are suffering, don’t fret, when we are winning, don’t fret either.


About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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