Falling birthrate and the Long Tail of Cause and Effect-Pt 2

We Singaporean are a smart lot, sure we are, with our world class education, we are taught the economics of time and opportunity costs. In our quest to become world’s first in everything, we become experts in cost benefits analysis and lying to ourselves.

And having kids? High cost, negative benefits. Its is all too well logically thought out. Love is a factor too intangible to deal with, so we’d rather deal with tangibles like a brand new Iphone4, the latest DSLR, the newest sports car, branded stuffs. We lie to ourselves thinking that quality material stuffs IS a quality of life.

We all know time is quality and is limited, hell, attention is every more sought after. In marketing, i learned ‘share of voice’ in adverting strategies. And with all the tech toys grabbing the attention of the consumers, its no wonder that ‘human time’ is losing out to ‘tech time’, in share of voice. Who wants to listen to procreation, when i can get instant gratification from a cool Laptop?

Branded stuffs. which is more cool? To be seen clad in Louis Vuitton or clad in a baby harness? To be seen with an Ipad, or a Nappy pad? Singaporeans, being cosmopolitan, like to be seen pretty, clean and superficial. Having a baby is too much reality for this lifetime. Too stupid to be seen associated with one.

If tech time is not enough, our gahmen in order to make Singapore a ‘happening place’ has filled the entire 365 filled with things to do. We, in Singapore, have the F1 Night Race, Dragon Boat Regatta, marathons, triathlons, cyber games, Great Singapore Sale (GSS), just to name a many. We are so busy filling our calendars with things to do we have no time to f**k. Face it, we need free time, idle time to build the mood to have foreplay, in a cosy bedroom, between two people, and it will take the entire night. BUT it might be more exhilarating watching Fernando Alonso racing down city hall than to be told, “not tonight dear, I’m menstruating.’ (No offense to the females, men has moods as well)

Biologically we are all fine. Physical attraction is still there. but in the face of overwhelming odds and risks, we distracts ourselves from the mating game with gadgets, and activities. We further lie to ourselves, thinking we are significant in Facebook and Cafe-world, or being part of a Dragon Boat Team. Because in a cyber world or a social group, we are relatively safe, from spousal abuse, from STDs, infidelities, risk of miscarriages. We are so smart at protecting our self, think our self to safety that we become dumb.

And to think back on how our parents suck at bringing us up? Will I want to risk bringing up another brat like me? Another mini-me? Thanks a lot! like what my friend Steven says, ‘the buck stops here!’ He is not going to parent another “a**hole” the likes of him. If he can come to this equation, there are other smarter ones, who has the sum done out, already living the high life, jet setting, globe trotting. Baby sitting? no thanks! too much reality for this lifetime! And what happens if my child has a rare genetic disease, which does kill him outright, but makes him suffer for a decade then kill him. what anguish will i have to endure! Too much reality this lifetime!


About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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