Old is gold…not!

People always assume that you have to be old to be wise, and a wise person might be an old fella.

No always so! Being wise and being old, has no correlation. The amount of introspection you pay to your life determinse you level of ‘wise-ness’. then again there is no such measure, and since wisdom cannot be measured. people will necessarily align their opinions to people who has ‘been there, done that’ which is always the case, old people.

yeah in terms of life experience, sure, the ‘old folks’ has seen more than us, that does not always translate to wisdom. we all have seen some childish old folks doing silly, shallow things, making mistakes and never learn from it.

so it is again the proverbial ‘quality vs quantity’ debate. the quality of the grey matter does not correspond with the quantity in chronological age.


About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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