Common with public perception, martial artists are often expected to be endowed with a 6th sense and a knack for the ability to anticipate an unexpected attack, or sudden event.

Sorry, I can’t

I was ‘ambushed’ twice, and both times the perpetrator managed to carry out their ‘attacks’ successfully.

Boniface, one of my Aikido friend from some time back, sneaked up on me one lunch time and SMACK! me hard from behind. As the ‘attack’ was carried out in a rather crowded underpass, the loud ‘SMACK!’ echoed with significant dramatics, that people around us were look at him with a kind of look.

The second time was rather recent, Matthias, came up from behind me and gave me a hug. half expecting me to throw his tall lanky frame over my shoulders and twist his arms out of the sockets.

I guess it is certainly not easy for us to have that kind of clarity to handle a treat or threat. the kind of world we lived in where we are constantly bath in distractions of all sorts, audio, visual, electro magnetic amongst others. so how can we work to sieve out threat from non threat?

One thing i can sense is an environmental threat. I was in Hong Kong last year, checking out their night market, and the vibes just didn’t feel right. I was with my friend Jade and the moment we exited the MTR station, there was some pimps or prostitutes haggling over something. Moving deeper into the night market, we settled by this road side stall to have our dinner. I choose to sit, back against the wall, facing, observing the bustling night scene.

I told Jade to grab her stuffs if things gets bad, and to meet at the MTR station entrance where we alighted from. There was a commotion building and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, could be a gang fight, could be anything. I watched as I eat, as the scene unfolds. Then out of the blue, a police van stopping abruptly to drop off two uniformed cops who disappeared around the corner where ‘something’ was happening.

We continue to chill and watch the scene unfolds, around the corner. I can’t get a clear view of what is happening, and I’m not keen to go and find out, but the ever so adventurous Jade gamely went off about 10 metres away to check things out. I stayed put, and watched.

She came back to me and told me there was a police raid on illegal prostitution, which explains the police movement, and the curious mood amongst the dwellers there. They’ve probably seen this as part and parcel of their life there. But not me, I’m just a tourist and i want to get home safe, in one piece. call it over dramatizing the whole thing, for me it’s just the vibes which i have learned to listen to and not ignore.

So if a mood builds up, and there is a tension, try not to ignore it. maintain an all round watch, look around, people, environment, shadows, soak it all in and make some sense out of it. And if it doesn’t make sense, and you can bail out, bail out. If you can’t, well, dooms on you, or you can deal doom on whatever that don’t make sense to you.


About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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