The Heart has a mind of its own

A couple of evenings ago, Harry sensei discussed about thinking and how it can impede movement when thinking becomes excessive.

He said something like this “The heart has a mind of its own.’

It struck a cord in me and i realise that this is the connection that between us and the universe.

We all know where the ‘mind’ is, the brain, the CPU of the human. That is where we process thought, logic, likes dislikes, well, the rational stuffs. And we as modern human beings are getting increasing rational with numbers, science and technology bring in the forefront of our humanistic  development.

The mind of the heart is the connection between us and the universe, the mind of the heart, sees a harmony, a synthesis, of the entire entity. there is no distinguishing between ‘me’ and the universe, or ‘me’ and the ‘uke’. all is one. this is the mind of magnitude, the mind of magnanimity, the mind of massiveness beyond comprehension.

The brain ‘mind’, on the other hand, is the working mind. The working mind, puts thoughts into actions. concrete, productive actions. The working mind, make things happen. If we think that we are a unity between us and the universe, it is the working mind that finds the connection, discerns and studies the truths from the near-truths.

Without the working mind, we will wander aimlessly through life, without any progress or accomplishment. we will never make it to the moon, and the of course, we will never have invented terrible weapons of death and destruction. We will never be disciplined, steadfast, and resolute in our actions. We will not be determined and unwavering with our goals. We will not see the greatness of human achievement

Without the mind of the heart, the working mind will work itself to death, serving the small and selfish needs of the ego. driving ourselves to shallow and material gains that at the end of the day, leaves the soul, empty, hollow and hungry. We are at this stage of the skew. the working mind has all but dominated the entire civilization.

The practice of Aikido, is to bring about a balance between, the mind of the heart and the working mind. We can imagine, and we can achieve what we imagine. We know what is fantasy, and we can distinguish reality.


About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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2 Responses to The Heart has a mind of its own

  1. Eddie deGuzman says:

    Hi, nice thoughts. It’s interesting to note that in Japanese mind and heart are the same word, kokoro. But maybe you’re still thinking too much? 🙂


    • Hi Ed,
      The Japanese language, very much like the Chinese is linguistically more complex than the English language. One Japanese word can make many explanation, whereas the English, tends to use many word to make an explanation. “Eastern” perspectives tends to be contextually oriented and “western” concepts tends to be based on content.

      Anyway the point to moot here is that, we need to balance the way we think vis a vis the way we feel. What do we feel about our thoughts and at the same think what do we think about the feelings? After all these discernment, then we can qualify our indifference or equanimity.
      Your comments is very much appreciated.


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