Having the Quality to Qualify

As we grow up, we realise that we have to prove ourselves again and again. We never really grew up to become accepted, or being accepted. Hell, even ‘becoming accepted’ als requires a certain amount of qualification.

Makes me wonder, when a lion decides to eat a zebra, does it ever considers ,’Hmm… looks like that zebra qualifies with my daily calorie need.’ Or a zebra might say, ‘Hmm… I might be able to run away today quicker than yesterday.’ Somehow, it just doesn’t seem right. In nature, there is no qualifications, no agreement, no conditions, everything is in harmony, even when at times it seems like it isn’t.

So why do we humans have that requirement… there you have it, a requirement, is also a checklist for qualification. The animals don;t care, if we painted the greatest paintings of the century, neither does it care if our music albums sold for a gazillion copies. We do all that, achieve all that so that we can get accepted in the opinions of our peers. We do things to get acceptance.

So perpetually, we are stuck in this swing, between acceptance/rejection; yes/no. When in reality, no one really gives a damn. Well, nature doesn’t. Natural disasters come and goes,beautiful sunsets, set. violent storms take lives, bacteria eats tissues. People dies.

Between the living and dying, we really need to be clear about what we want to be qualified  for, since it is so darn hard to get out of this loop. Since we cannot just be the lion, or ‘worse’ be the zebra. since we gotta work so hard to ‘be’ somebody, something, we might as well make a choice.

Or the fallacy of choice.

Face it. When we give it all up, what do we end up with? Really think about it for yourself. don’t just read it from me, cos, I am in the process of qualifying myself and my opinions so as to make myself appear wise, and make my blog, popular and my so-called philosophies ‘deep’. It isn’t.

The more pertinent point is can we ever stop, qualifying ourselves, telling ourselves and others, that, ‘Hey! I have more than 15 years of Aikido trainings, so i gotta be good, or not!’ and telling other people to believe how good or how lousy we say ourselves to be, and when they disagree,they are in their selfish way, trying to make you believe what they are trying to qualify for in your opinion.

The next pertinent point is, so what? when we qualified, or disqualified. In reality,nothing really happens, no one really gives a rat’s ass about it. It all happens in our head, we qualify other people to qualify us, or disqualify us. And as this is happening in our head, something else is happening in the other person’s head, he/she is trying to get us to qualify/ disqualify him/her. Really, we cannot be that ‘good’, or extremely ‘lousy’ without other people giving a two cent’s worth about who we are, and who they think they are.

We are all interconnected in a skin-deep manner. The question, right now, who do you think you are, to even think about qualifying yourself?


About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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