101 ways to absolute negative thinking

There are so many books and philosophies out there that talks about positive thinking, elongating living, and self-help. Well, there are not enough lists of things we can do to amplify our suffering.

Here is the 101 absolute ways to guarantee suffering.

1-Disagree with people on issues that little concerns you. (like this blog entry)

2- Agree with people on issues that little concerns you. (like this blog entry)

3- Hate

4-Assign blame to people

5- Fear, be afraid, really afraid (of what?!)

6- Work to earn more money, so that you can retire rich

7- Have extra marital affairs

8- Finding reasons to not tell the truth, when you can just tell the truth

9- Get drunk, puke, drink again to get drunk

10- Have extra marital affairs, in the office

11- Helping people, so as to appear to be helpful

12- Rejecting help from other people, when you really needs help.

13- Act tough

14- Keep a score

15- Blame the government for everything thing bad that has happened to you.

16- Drive really, really fast so taht you can get to point B, a little sooner

17- Keeping pent up emotions, pent up

18- Letting people hurt you and you hurting people back.

19- Having a chip off your shoulder

20- Allowing other people’s opinions influence you

21- Study really, really hard

22- Not study at all, when you know you should have, well, at least a little

23- Do things, grudgingly

24- Find fault with other, find fault with your self.

25-Big guys, driving a really small car, small fellas, driving a really big car

26- Buying more than one of many things, we only have a pair of feet, so a pair of shoes will be nice. One watch on our wrist will do, thank you very much

27- Believing that something else (good or bad)will happen after we die. Well, one thing for sure, we rot after death, period.

28- Hate some more

29- Mentally visualizing strangling someone, you love or you really detest.

30- Gamble, drink, smoke, excessively

31- Spending time and money on someone else, when you should have better spent it on yourself.

32- Spending time and money on yourself, when it could have been better spent with someone else.

33-  Getting a divorce, when you shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place

34- Patronizing others, patronizing yourself

35- Get back to work!

36- Count the dollars and cents, when it’s a far better idea to count your blessings. Wait, this is a life shortening tips, go ahead, count your bucks, and count somemore…

37- Waiting for the right guy or gal to come along, when you allow the right guy or gal just walked past you

38- Getting angry

39- Getting worked up trying to complete this useless, nonsense crap about 101 ways to guarantee suffering. This is suffering! Guranteed!

40- Allowing yourself to believe in any feeble concepts of gurantees

41- Falling in love with someone else, other than the one you married

42- Believe that Santa Claus do exist.

43- Losing your mobile phone, and any material things that you thought it mattered, but actually it doesn’t

44- Taking an exam

45- Trying to keep yourself busy, when you should have just spend time, converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.

46- Crying over spilled milk.

47-Saying ‘I love you.’ not knowing what the hell those three words really mean

48- Rebel

49- Keeping with the social norm

50-Keeping a pet when you should just have kids, and having kids when you should just keep a dog



About Who is Randy Lim

This blog is about the journey and experiences in my life as an Aikidoka. With close to 20 years in the arts, I'll make comments and judgements based on 2 principles, E&E. Experimentation and Experiential reflection. please enjoy, and comment freely.
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