One of my many passions is photography. Skills to me, is always transferable. Well, not everything, but i try to find transferable traits so that my experinece is ‘cross pollinated’.

Certain traits about Aikido and Photography that can be shared;

Attention for details

Both studies needs attention to details, as an Aikidoka, i have to ‘record’ my Sensei’s moves in high fidelity. Attention to details, is a kinesthetic matter as well. Certain time when i trained with my fellow Aikidoka, it is important taht my feelings and sensation are tuned to attention and this allows me a greater feedback and perform as an effective training partner.

It goes without saying that being a photographer, attention to details is critical to success. we need to watch subjects closely, observe the moods, situations and rhythm, and faithfully capture all these in its purest essence.


An Aikidoka has to study creativity creatively. And not get stuck in a dogmatic view of how a waza is executed. The challenge is that no two waza is the, there is no kata in aikido precisely for that reason.

A photographer works the same creativity. and exactly the same matter that no two photographs is the same, no images stay static. even a still life subject is subject to fluz and changes. A photographer has to respect that.


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