Solution Focused, Problem Solving

One thing about people these days, as we become increasingly affluent in education and economics, so does our expectations. We expect to solve problems and we expect a solution for every inconveniences in life.

One thing about what i learned in Aikido is not everything can be solved. The more we try to solve it, the problem gets more compounded. As we intellectualise our intelligence and self assure our own smartness, we think that by pure brain juice and thinking, we can solve problems or at least ‘do’ something about them.

Some ‘problems’ are by itself not meant to be solved. I know this will be hard to swallow for many of us, but that is just how unreasonable life can get. Like what i always say, Reality’s a bitch, and part of that bitch-ness, is problems that cannot and refused to be ‘solved’. We cannot save the world, the more we try, the less we can do. So we get mindlessly stuck, transiting between problems and solutions, problems and solutions.

There was this adage i learned somewhere that is antagonistic to the popular, ‘Don’t just sit there, do something!’. We sometimes have to subscribe to ‘ Don’t just do something! Sit there!’ ‘Just sitting’ can be loosely translated to a kind of a meditative state, but practically speak it is to accept the situation just as it is. While we gets so fixated fixing the problem, we fail to realise that we can allow thing to be as it is. We do not have to fix everything, and not everything needs fixing, despite of all our technological and intellectual prowess.

This is sometimes the source of our angst, thinking that we can do it. and doing everything, doing too much. Sometime doing nothing, and being helpless is what we need, so that we can let the problem be, and sometimes solve itself.


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