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Who would you hurt?

Imagine, you are the most skilled martial artist in the world, you have mastered Karate, MMa, Judo, Boxing, Muay Thai, and other lethal martial arts. You certain can kill someone with your moves! Who is the first person you’ll end … Continue reading

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Here’s a Question.

Would anyone considers O’sensei to be an Outlier?

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When Aikido is no longer Aikido

One cannot get addicted to Aikido, when you get addicted to Aikido, then it is no longer Aikido that you are addicted to.

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Supernormal Stimulation-When real is no longer real

I just learned about this ‘super-normal stimulus’ recently and instantly connect to hows and the whys and the contemporary challenges in learning an art like Aikido. I will no delve on the subject of Supernormal Stimulus, you can read it … Continue reading

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The expanding sphere

Aikido is a close combat art. It works best when you are closest to your partner. And the paradox is that in order for you to get close to your partner, you need to expand. What is ‘expand’? some calls … Continue reading

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The Price of Freedom

Isn’t that a oxymoron? Freedom should be free! If there is a price for freedom, then it ain’t free! That is besides the point. I lived in Singapore, and many would agree with me that this little island can be … Continue reading

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The answer about Kata

Sometimes the answers might come from places you least expected. I was never quite sure about the value of Kata, other than showmanship, but I’m sure that there is something deep and profound about katas but I just couldn’t put … Continue reading

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